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Vision & Goals

Our sight is focused into future.

Vision & Goals

Company Marex wants to build on its mission and fully fulfil its slogan ALL FOR ROOFING AND ROOF PLUMBING WORKS, which means:

To become a leading specialized provider of roof coverings
and roofing & roof plumbing products of renowned brands on Slovenian market
and to provide the highest quality level of services, consulting, product quality and to complement
the offer with the services for end customers and craftsmen.
To continue with the development of the retail network in Slovenia.
To offer the top brands in the segment of MACHINES and equipment
and to provide customer service in the entire region of ex YU
both to the ROOFING & ROOF PLUMBING sector as well as to INDUSTRY.
To become a leading - specialized provider – supplier of COLOURED sheet metal
in the region and to provide the high quality service – fast
and timely deliveries and a wide range of sheet metal.
To expand the wholesale program of sheet metal and other
roof plumbing materials also to other western markets.
To develop the high quality of service implemented by our competent staff
and to offer our customers all the advantages of a dealer compared to a manufacturer
and all the advantages of a specialist compared to a general seller - this means the complete supply
(we are the only provider of such a comprehensive range of products in the region), specialized offer,
fast and reliable delivery and competitive price.