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Thermal insulation

Our sales program comprises all kinds of thermal insulation of various manufacturers.

Thermal insulation

Our sales program comprises all kinds of thermal insulation of various manufacturers, both for flat roofs and for steep roofs. We offer insulation made of different materials such as glass wool, rock wool, wooden insulation, PIR insulation, EPS and XPS insulation.

  • URSA

Company Knauf Insulation is one of the largest global manufacturers of insulating materials. On more than 40 locations and with over 5.500 employees Knauf Insulation has been producing the insulating materials for over 50 years. It offers comprehensive insulation solutions made of stone wool, glass wool and XPS. Installation of insulating materials made of stone wool or glass wool allows healthy and pleasant living, since the properties of insulating materials improve the microclimate in the room and provide at the same time excellent thermal, sound and fire stopping insulation.

Reduction of heat losses, incombustibility and excellent sound insulation are just some of Saglan advantages.

One of the largest manufacturers of rigid polyurethane foam which is an excellent insulation.

Flat roof:

  • Thermal resistance (EPS and XPS on reflective surfaces, glazing and metal facades highly thermally loaded, additional protection required)
  • For surfaces in permanently use (terraces, green roofs, traffic exposed surfaces)
  • it retains dimensions, it does not shrink and does not expand
  • lower thickness / height (as EPS, XPS) and thus lower weight

Steep roof:
  • Thermal conductivity U <0,14 – Required thickness
    EPS 260mm; hemp 300mm; wood fibres 310mm; mineral fibres 260mm; PIR 160mm
  • lower height/thickness
  • lower weight, lower load of construction (approx. 150m2 of roof U< 0,14)
    EPS 1,09t; konoplja 6,92t; lesna vlakna 6,03t; mineralna vlakna 5,49t; PIR 0,8t
  • EPS 1,09t; hemp 6,92t; wood fibres 6,03t; mineral fibres 5,49t; PIR 0,8t. good for combination with insulation between the rafters (8cm mineral fibres λ 0,045 + 12cm PIR λ 0,022 results in U < 0,14 W/(m²K)
  • Thermal conductivity λ
    EPS 0,035; hemp 0,042; wood fibres 0,045; mineral fibres 0,035; PIR 0,022