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Titanium Zinc

Titanium Zinc sheet metal for high resistance.

Titanium Zinc natural & aged (coloured)

Titanium Zinc is high quality material which contains zinc-copper-titanium alloy. It is characterized by a high resistance to corrosion and durability over time. Titanium provides higher resistance against permanent deformation and cooper aging and increases tensile strength of the material. Natural look is provided by the shiny gray colour. When exposed to atmospheric agents it produces a self-protection coating which remains stable over time and provides by natural aging a pleasing appearance of slate. Additionally to natural appearance we offer some certain colours which give the material a special charm. In addition to sheet metal we offer all elements made of this material, which are necessary to make the roof / facade and roofing & roof plumbing products.

We offer all other types of sheet metal, both for roof plumbing applications in architecture as well as sheet metal, which is used in industry.

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