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Anti-condensation felt

Anti-condensation felt

Condensation occurs mainly at night as a result of temperature difference between cold outside air and warm air under the metal roof.
Due to high sheet metal conductivity the condensate occurs on the inner side of metal roof covering and starts merging into droplets. In time these droplets begin dripping from the inner side of metal roof into the room and consequently cause damage.

Metal roof tiles with affixed DR! PSTOP membrane which absorbs condensate and prevents dripping.

During condensation DR!PSTOP can absorb up to 1000ml/m2 condensate. At natural ventilation and at higher daily temperature the condensation between membrane fibres gets dry.

Additionally to condensate control DR!PSTOP features other advantages:

  • Faster process of roof covering - lower costs.
  • It replaces the function of vapour-permeable film.
  • Adhesive additionally protects the sheet metal surface against corrosion.
  • Decreases noise created in rain by raindrops.
  • Material is resistant to bacteria.
  • Incombustibility (A2).