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Sheet metal forming

At sheet metal forming is the selection of right machine very important factor.

Beading machines

Manual or motorized machines for beading of different sheet metals with different depths for inserting the workpieces. We are the only supplier offering the beading machines of the latest generation with semi-automated machine control and memorized lowering of the upper machining axis in comparison with number of revolutions.

Gallery: Beading machines

Machines for profiling

The most popular, so-called Schlebach roof profile can be produced by using the machines for forming from our comprehensive sales program. Our suppliers produce machines for different types of profiled roof and facade panels. Machines for forming, delivered by our renowned supplier, enable production of round ventilation pipes and elbows from continuous sheet metal tape. The roof joints can be closed by using the top quality motorized machines.

We offer machines for production of profiles upon the customer requirements.

Gallery: Machines for profiling

Eckold forming machines

The Eckold forming machines are special purpose machines for sheet metal forming, which are mainly used for production of unique and/or prototype products. They are most commonly used in the aerospace industry, in ship-building, at renovations, at performing the modifications of motorized vehicles etc. This type of machines transforms sheet metal on the principle of material shrinkage and/or expansion.

Gallery: Eckold forming machines