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Concrete roof covering

Environmental friendly building material that gives a feeling of safety.

Concrete roof covering

The natural resources are limited which means that in globally developing world they will not be available in unlimited quantities all the time. When choosing the building materials it is therefore more and more important to decide for those one that are most friendly to the nature. Anyone who wants to build with environment friendly building materials will therefore decide for concrete roof tiles.

Higher strength of roof tiles in comparison with other types of roof covering means substantially better resistance to hail. The hail granules simply bounce off the roof tiles. A good sense of security.


There are many criteria that have influence to the choice of roof covering. Most often the highest quality standards, individual optics and affordable price are required. Roof tiles Bramac are perfect choice for environmental friendly construction and durable roof covering.

Gallery of BRAMAC roof tiles

In the company Strešniki Golob is the production of roof coverings more than 50-years tradition. They have managed to combine the valuable experience of previous generations with the fresh knowledge of new generations.

Gallery Concrete roof covering GOLOB