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Clay roof covering

Ensure yourself warmth and healthy and comfortable living conditions.

Clay roof covering

Our sales program comprises clay roof tiles from different manufacturers and of top quality.

Roof tiles made of natural material – clay are environment friendly products which provide quality and comfort. Clay roof tiles with a wide range of natural colours create warmth and provide healthy and comfortable living conditions. They are distinguished by high resistance to UV rays, acids and alkaline. They are robust, flame-retardant and resistant to frost. They are maintenance free and have a long service life. Clay roof tiles feature a lifespan of up to 100 years.


There are many criteria that have influence to the choice of roof covering. Most often the highest quality standards, individual optics and affordable price are required. Roof tiles Bramac are perfect choice for environmental friendly construction and durable roof covering.

Gallery of BRAAS clay roof tiles

TONDACH® offers a variety of roof covering solutions for new buildings and renovations. It is natural clay roof covering, which gives emphasis on quality, aesthetics, functionality and sustainability.

Gallery TONDACH® roof tiles

It provides quality to which you can rely on. With its experience and more than 130-year tradition it intends to revive the market and inspire the potential buyer with a new roof culture.

Click on the link to view the gallery of models.