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Bitumen roof covering

It is suitable for the most demanding roof structures because it can be customized.

Bitumen roof covering

On Slovenian market the bitumen roof covering has been present for a long time and has retained a significant share among all roof coverings. Bitumen roof covering is highly suitable for folded roof, as the basic sheet allows designing of the most complex forms and covering of all inclinations, form the smallest one (3 °) up to the verticals (90 °). That is why the bitumen roof covering is very affordable in comparison with other roof coverings, as there is no need for additional elements, which are always very expensive and amount at highly folded roof often more than the cost of all basic roof elements together.

Why Bitumen roof covering?

  • Because it is the most suitable roof covering for modern folded roofs.
  • Because it allows designing the most complex forms form the basic sheet.
  • Because it allows, by using the appropriate installation technology, covering even the minimum inclinations> 40.
  • Because it allows covering the vertical parts of the roof.
  • Because it allows unifying the whole appearance of the roof as for the flat roof sections the bitumen band in the same colour is available.
  • Because it meets and exceeds the standard EN 544 and has a CE mark.
  • Because it is in the top quality class, both in terms of composition and raw materials quality as well as manufacturing technology.
  • Because the strongest carrier-glass mat is used, which gives to roof covering n extreme dimensional stability and does not absorb moisture and is temperature stable.
  • Because the highest quality bitumen of volcanic origin is used, which provides the long-term impermeability of roof covering and is modified in such a way that this type of roof covering can achieve a high level of resistance to fire, that is a group B.
  • Because the granules of basalt stone are coloured in the special process which ensures a long-term stability of the colour.

Advantages of polymer-bitumen coverings:

  • Easy implementation.
  • Low weight.
  • Implementation of roofs with inclinations from 1 ° to 20 ° (conditionally even more).
  • Application on concrete, wooden and metal structures.
  • A wide range of products, different colours of fine sand coating.
  • Long service life.
  • Good appearance of strips with a final coating.
  • Price competitiveness.

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